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Attached is the Invoice and the Order Summary for the items that you have selected. PLEASE REVIEW the Order Summaries and the Delivery Date carefully and advise us if there are any errors or omissions. Best Kelly I want to put this warm condition in it that this furniture for only 30 After 30 days if you are holding Saturday you will have to pay The furniture that has been provide to you is only for Home Staging not for personal use if you want to use or any dirt or damage you need to pay extra cost The payment you made when you were Confirm Order it’s not Refund We have also attached a Furniture Placement sheet that needs to be filled out before the delivery is made. This will allow our delivery team to know where to place the items that you have selected. The Rental Agreement is being sent via Wp Forms to complete and sign. Wp Forms is a secure website used by corporations and realtors to transmit confidential information. All you need to do is click on the link in the Wp forms email, type the information, including initials & signature, in the fields on the form and then submit the document by pressing the Blue button with “Click to Sign” in white lettering at the bottom of the document. Please also note the following points: 1. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that all clients either vacate the property or isolate in a separate room with the doors closed while the moving crew is on site. 2. Rentals commence on the delivery date and shall continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated. The Customer understands that the minimum rental period is 1 (one) month. The Customer will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the rent for the month. 3. The Customer may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time by giving at least 3 business days written notice prior to the monthly anniversary date of the initial delivery date. If the notice is received less than 3 business days prior to the monthly anniversary date, Staging and Decor will automatically charge a fee equivalent to a 1week rental. 4. All art MUST NOT be hung by wire and MUST ONLY be hung with 2 nails/picture hooks using the "D" rings on located on the frame. We have experienced irreparable damage to our product when wire has been used. Please refer to paragraph 10 of the rental agreement, which explains the cost calculation for irreparable damage. 5. To prevent possible infestation or an allergic reaction to future clients, the Customer agrees to promptly notify Staging & Décor if any pets and animals. If any pets or animals were present at any time or were found to be present by Staging & Décor, then the Customer may be charged a cleaning fee of $100.00 per upholstered item regardless of whether or not there was any damage caused to the Rented Property. 6. No smoking is permitted at the property during the term of the rental. Besthomestaging Besthomestager@gmail.com 6475692000